Worse nowhere: a convertible for 12 thousand dollars

Worse nowhere: a convertible for 12 thousand dollars


Yugo was the most terrible car in all countries where they managed to sell it. But besides the hatchback, there was also a convertible. One of these was recently sold for a decent $ 12,100! P.S. Yugo were produced until 2008.

Originally Yugoslavian and later Serbian, Zastava has been producing compact Yugos since 1980. And she did it, in spite of everything, right up to 2008. Even in 1980, the Yugo was no longer a cutting-edge car. Therefore, it was often called the “Golf of the 1st generation at minimum salaries”. And this is justified because The Yugo was much simpler than a simple Golf. Motors from 45 to 65 “horses” could not boast of either reliability or at least some dynamics. Therefore, when in 2007 Time magazine included Yugo in its list of “50 worst cars in history”, no one was surprised at all.

However, many of the nearly 800,000 Yugos released went to inflict suffering on people in the US, UK, Germany, Italy and the countries of the former USSR. Moreover, a small part was produced in the back of a convertible. These convertibles were rare then, but now that almost all Yugos have long been exterminated, finding one like this is a real stroke of luck.

The rarity of the convertible and the mileage of only about 600 kilometers forced the fan of strange cars to pay a very decent $ 12,100 for the 1990 Yugo. It was for this amount that he left at the Barrett-Jackson auction.

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