Wrangler and Bronco continue to exchange punches: this round is left behind by Jeep

Wrangler and Bronco continue to exchange punches: this round is left behind by Jeep


In the design of the fourth generation Jeep Wrangler (JL index), from the very beginning, it was possible to install off-road tires with an outer diameter of up to 35 inches, together with a suspension lift, but without redrawing the fenders. The developers thought that this property will appeal to the tuning studio. But why give to the side what you can do yourself? And now the company finally presented the Xtreme Recon package: the same 35 inches from the factory (BF Goodrich KO2), 17-inch wheels with beadlocks, a 38 mm suspension lift, retuned shock absorbers and an increased final drive ratio (4.56: 1).

The Xtreme Recon will be one of Jeep’s exhibits at the Chicago Auto Show, with a world premiere slated for July 14th. Orders for this version are open, and serial production will begin in August.

The Xtreme Recon Kit is Jeep’s answer to the extreme factory version of its main competitor, the Ford Bronco Badlands Sasquatch (in a four-door version), which also comes with 35-inch tires. Xtreme Recon beat Badlands Sasquatch in geometric flotation. Approach angle – 47.4 degrees versus 43.2, exit angle – 40.4 versus 37, ground clearance – 327 mm versus 292.

The Xtreme Recon package can be ordered for the Rubicon and Rubicon 392 four-door Wranglers (pictured) with a 476-horsepower aspirated V8 6.4. Note that the Rubicons have 33-inch standard tires, which until now was a record for the Wrangler model “from the factory”.

And soon another blow will be dealt to Bronco. Jeep announced the addition of 4.88: 1 axles to the Wrangler options list at the end of the year. In combination with a six-speed “mechanics” this will give a record for the class total transmission ratio of 100: 1. For comparison, now the Wrangler has an 84: 1 ratio, and the Bronco (depending on the configuration and options) boasts a 94.75: 1 ratio. The Blue Oval’s response to this Jeep offensive is already in the works: we expect a Ford Bronco Raptor with factory 37-inch tires.

Which opponent do you like Bronco or Wrangler more?

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