Wrangler outside and “Gaelic” inside: new vnedorozhnik Wey Tank 300

Wrangler outside and “Gaelic” inside: new vnedorozhnik Wey Tank 300


At the motor show in Chengdu, China premiere of the SUV frame Wey Tank 300. The product is made in a deliberately brutal style of American SUVs 80 years, which also “painted” the Jeep Wrangler and the recent Ford Bronco.

The basis of the SUV went to the same architecture, which is based on Haval H9. From Tank 300 independent front suspension front and rear beam axle, four-wheel drive with locking clutch in the front wheel drive, reduction gearing and locking both differentials. From H9 novelty probably got the power unit: gasoline turbo engine volume 2.0 liters, which produces 245 horsepower and is combined with vosmidiapazonnoy automatic transmission.

In Chengdu brought a preproduction sample, so probably on the way to the conveyor SUV can vary somewhat. In the meantime, he got the box-shaped body, rectangular tail lights with vertical stripes, the spare wheel on tailgate, roof rails, unpainted plastic bumpers, wheel arches and sills, and round front optics. Grille with three horizontal slats dark, and the exterior mirrors have a square shape.

The instance presented to the public, tightly zatonirovany, but the company has shown a single photo of the interior. Judging by the picture, Tank 300 will receive a virtual instrument panel and touch screen multimedias system, which United under one glass. Below are depletory blowers, made in the form of air turbines and on the Central tunnel includes a joystick instead of the gear lever.

Great Wall promises to show fully ready for the series Wey Tank 300 to the end of 2020. In addition, in a short time the lineup will include other SUVs, but bigger: if Tank 300 reaches a length of 4.5 meters, the length of future SUVs will be all five.

Wey Tank 300 will be sold not only in China but also outside it. About the price while to speak early, however, according to unofficial sources, the SUV will cost more than Haval H9. Latest in our country is estimated at 2.7 million rubles.

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