WWF environmentalists demand to ban advertising of crossovers and SUVs

WWF environmentalists demand to ban advertising of crossovers and SUVs


The fighters for the environment are outraged that automakers do not hesitate to advertise cars against the backdrop of nature, keeping silent about what harm they do to it.

French activists from WWF (World Wildlife Fund) took up arms against advertising of crossovers and SUVs. Very often in such videos, a brutal car drives around picturesque places – a kind of unity of auto and nature.

In fact, such a beautiful union in the picture is toxic: in France, the share of SUVs in the total volume of harmful emissions into the atmosphere comes in second place. Environmentalists have calculated that in 2019, car manufacturers did not spare 1.8 billion euros for advertising SUVs (this is 42% of all advertising funding). Every day, almost four hours of airtime on TV talks about the merits of an SUV. This is pure manipulation, ecologists say.

So, the risk of getting into a road accident while driving a raised car is higher, but for some reason it is not accepted to talk about it. Environmentalists wanted to impose an additional tax on companies producing cars with a curb weight of more than 1.4 thousand kilograms, but the officials eventually set a different level – up to 1.8 thousand.

And this is only 2% of cars sold in the French car market.

Now WWF has proposed at the legislative level to ban advertising heavy SUVs. Only now they have few like-minded people: the demand for this kind of transport is growing, and therefore the supply too.

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