X8 M: too cool to be BMW?

X8 M: too cool to be BMW?


The Bavarian group can produce heavy-duty cross-coupe X8 M under some new brand.

Lovers of large and fast BMW are expected to appear M-version of crossover X7, while forced to settle for third-party development companies. The latest in this build was the Alpina XB7 built on the basis of modifications of the M50i and received a 620-horsepower engine.

However, according to rumors, the leadership of the Bavarian concern is still not discounting the possibility of creating your own SUV, which may be the most powerful BMW of all time. Here only the right to become a member of the official line of the brand he may refuse.

The fact that, as reported by BMWBlog, BMW M hypothetical X8 will have a technical connection with the current X7. If, for example, the cross-coupe BMW X6 is a variation of the BMW X5, the latest SUV allegedly erected on a fundamentally different platform that will develop from scratch in division BMW M Perfromance.


Accordingly, the name it can get totally different: it is possible that if X8 M really create in the “M-unit”, the novelty will be the first in the history of the concern model, released under some M-brand. And the standard cross-coupe X8 Bavarians may not be released at all.

All terrain supercar at the moment tipped appearance in the spirit of recent concept X7 iPerformance (pictured) and a hybrid propulsion system on the basis of the brand’s 4.4-litre V8. To develop it can, according to rumors, up to 750 HP, and the first official screening of the cross-coupe to be held allegedly in the current year.

So far, however, is not specified, there is a speech about a concept or already harbinger of the production model. But it is clear that if BMW X8 M will be born, he will be not only very powerful but also the most expensive crossover brand in history.

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