X8 with hybrid drive caught in the photo

X8 with hybrid drive caught in the photo


The brand’s most luxurious crossover should go on sale at the end of next year.

Seven all-terrain vehicles in the BMW model range were not enough – the company is working on the eighth, with the index X8. Our spies shared fresh images from the prototype tests.

The developers are not in a hurry to reveal the real outlines of a promising new product, so the body is disguised not only with film, but also with fake panels. Although the same roof line shows that it is not a BMW X7.

A curious detail is the hybrid Test Vehicle sticker: presumably, we are looking at a modification with the index X8 M45e. According to preliminary data, its powerplant based on an inline gasoline “turboshaft” with the ability to charge from the network is borrowed from the 745e sedan. At the four-door, it develops 400 HP and 600 Nm, but the characteristics of the crossover may differ. At the same time, BMW has already registered the trademark X8 M, which indicates the likelihood of an even more powerful version.

Despite its impressive size, the BMW X8 will be strictly two-row – with four or five seats. It is expected that the luxury all-terrain vehicle will go into production at the end of next year, but a prototype close to the series may be declassified much earlier – as early as 2020.

We also advise you to see a test comparison of the BMW X7 with the Mercedes-Benz GLS 400d from the FineAuto team:

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