XBOX Series X – First Look at Gameplay & Unboxing

XBOX Series X – First Look at Gameplay & Unboxing


My team got early access to the brand new Xbox Series X and check out this INSANE gameplay! So jealous 😱🔥Thanks to @darvsincars & @ballerbain

this isn’t even released yet but we have early access thanks to microsoft thank you my oh wow that is so cool how are your dreams i love a bit of definitely halo of my favorite games at 500 the new xbox offers better graphics per dollar than any other gaming laptop on the market the thing i love about this is has my name on it because alex is in germany at the moment it was sent to me so i’m claiming that i get to keep it so i don’t know how she’s gonna feel about that one it’s actually a lot smaller than i thought it would be i was thinking something close to the size of that outside box that’s nice there we go look how cool this top is the xbox series x has an eight core 3.8 gigahertz custom zen 2 cpu you have the power button external disk drive controller sync button and usb port in front of the unit these nodules allow the unit to be used either vertically or horizontally at the back of the unit you have the usb ethernet power and hdmi ports as well as the storage expansion port using the recommended seagate ssd expansion port you can get two terabytes of storage so because this is a solid state drive and it’s actually got one terabyte of memory this design on the top is part of the cooling system and the best part the controller look at that okay you want to load her up this feels nice i’m looking forward to firing this up what do you reckon should we uh go plug it in good to go it feels a bit dated to still require batteries for the controller but overall it feels pretty good she’s on how cool is that the ssd in the xbox series x is an upgrade from the hdd in the xbox one making around four times faster look at how quick the load time is the xbox also has a quick resume function meaning you can quickly jump from one game to the next without having to wait for it to load up again oh let’s change games let’s play some forza thanks to the upgraded gpu you can now do 4k gaming at 60 frames and even supports frame rates up to 120 frames per second that basically means the game is silky smooth okay spartan i have plotted to a nearby race event the controller is similar to the xbox one but this one feels so much better thanks to all the textured grip and it also has a share button letting you share gaming with your friends hey guys thank you so much for watching if you want to see more gaming and tech reviews on supercar blondie let us know in the comments below see you guys you

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