Xbus is a bus, a pickup truck, and a camper. Yes, and on batteries

Xbus is a bus, a pickup truck, and a camper. Yes, and on batteries


Electric Brands has taken the next step in a zero-emission modular vehicle project and presented a working prototype. So far, we’ve only judged the model by concept.

Xbus is categorized as L7e, which is limited to 450kg (without battery) and 600kg for freight. The safety requirements are less stringent than those of conventional vehicles. In this class, for example, there are Ari, Microlino and Renault Twizy.

The power plant has four motor-wheels. The nominal total output is 20 hp, the peak power is 76 hp (yes, such a large spread). The maximum speed does not exceed 100 km / h. There are also built-in solar panels to help generate electricity and extend the range.

Another feature is that the Xbus can be easily converted from a bus to a camper or a work truck, and there are only 9 transformation options. Modules will be sold by official dealers, and only two people will be needed to convert, with no special tool not necessary. If it is not needed, the module can be returned back to the store.

The basic version is equipped with a small traction battery for 200 km of track, but optionally, the cruising range can be increased to 600 km. All-wheel drive, rooftop solar panels and energy recovery are standard as standard.

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