Xiaomi proposed a new bike

Xiaomi proposed a new bike

Well-known Chinese brand Xiaomi, which is known mostly as a manufacturer of smartphones and related electronics, has launched a new, at least the second in the line and the bike.

If the first was offered at a price of $ 260, the new is already $ 375 and is ready to offer a range of 80 miles!

Bikes Xiaomi company produces under the brand name HIMO. The new product is called HIMO C20.

This bike boasts a proprietary lightweight 20-inch frame, trip computer, steering wheel with speed indicator and battery level, and mileage, etc.

There are three modes of operation – electrical power alone, with the electric motor as an assistant or just on the pedals without the participation of the motor.

Box Shimano, lithium-ion battery weighing 2.5 kg, lurking at the base of the frame is easily removed and charges quickly. Full charge time – 6 hours.

Total weight – 21 kg. Colour – white or dark gray. Maximum speed – 25 km/h Length – 1 470 mm width 610 mm height 1 060 mm. Wheels – 20-inch. Steering wheel with adjustable rise. Folding bike, maximum load – 100 kg.

Another of the interesting – HIMO C20 features a convenient portable pump hidden in the seat. A competitive advantage is the second, after the price. He is great, by the way, foldable, folded, folding his steering wheel and pedal, making it even more comfortable carried in the transport. Over the front wheel there is a led light similar to the red color there and back. The sides are reflectors. Steering wheel and battery are protected from water and moisture.

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