Xiaomi wants to seriously get ahead of Tesla

Xiaomi wants to seriously get ahead of Tesla


Chinese technology company Xiaomi has announced the creation of a special structure that will develop an unmanned vehicle control system. This is stated in a message from the company’s CEO Lei Jun on the social network Weibo.

Initially, the company plans to hire about 500 engineers to develop SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Level 4 self-driving technology.

Recall that SAE distinguishes five levels of unmanned systems, where zero means no automation (the driver does everything on his own), and the fifth means 100 percent autopilot (no direct intervention in the driving process is required).

The first production car with third level autopilot in 2020 was the Honda Legend. The rest of the cars, including Tesla, offer a maximum of a second.

The fourth level means that the vehicle is able to follow the selected route. Such a system can do without driver assistance in all driving situations.

In March, Xiaomi announced plans to release its own electric vehicles. It is assumed that Great Wall Motor will be engaged in their production on a contract basis.

The Xiaomi electric car will be positioned as inexpensive, targeted at the mass consumer. Recall that Xiaomi also sells its main products – smartphones, laptops, TVs, fitness trackers and the like – at affordable prices. That is, the electric car will continue its marketing policy.

At the initial stage, investments in this enterprise will amount to about 10 billion yuan (about $ 1.5 billion). In the next ten years, the total investment in the production of Xiaomi electric vehicles will reach $ 10 billion.

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