Xpeng G3 battery hatchback to be reborn as G3i

Xpeng G3 battery hatchback to be reborn as G3i


Xpeng Motors will unveil the updated Xpeng G3 hatchback in China on July 9th, which has not changed since its debut in January 2018. One letter has been added to the model name (instead of the Plus or Pro prefix), so the Xpeng G3i will continue its career. Along with the redesign, the Chinese media are expecting an XPilot 3.0 autopilot (now 2.5) with automatic lane change and self-parking, a “smart language” for lighting technology (music rhythm repetition and other special effects), an improved Xmart OS and increased security.

The strip of diode running lights dramatically changed the face of the model. The front end is now styled with the X Robot Face, similar to the Xpeng P5 and P7 sedans. A two-tone paint job will be offered for the first time.

The feed doesn’t seem to have changed. In any case, the lights and the spoiler are the same. The door handles are now retractable and the old door cards are colored.

The current Xpeng G3 (4450 × 1820 × 1610 mm, 2625 between axles) is available to the Chinese in three versions (460c, 460i, 520i), whose names convey the power reserve in the NEDC cycle. It is provided by batteries with a capacity of 55.9, 57.5 and 66 kWh. The only electric motor develops 145 kW (197 hp, 300 Nm) and can accelerate to a hundred in 8.6 seconds. Maximum speed – 170 km / h.

Prices are in the range of 149,800-162,800 yuan (23,200-25,200 dollars). In 2020, 11 691 hatchbacks (-4917) were sold in China, from January to May 2021 – 9407 units. In Norway, the electric car has been offered since December for 358,000-379,000 kroons (41,500-44,000 dollars). The first batch of a hundred cars sold out quickly, and in February the second of two hundred arrived.

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  • MedialexApril 4, 2021 22:51

    Although it is definitely an unfinished replica, I would be interested in contact details, anyway. Maybe this could be an interesting project.

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