Yak right Desnica car?


In umovah quarantine obrezanova koristuvacha gromadski transport in Ukraine of osobisty car STA dioptimalkan zasobom Peresuvna. However it must be remembered pam come about BEZPEKA – car should be regularly Desknote Yak Seredin, so I town. Or vdova on naybilsh actual zapitannya Damo parade schodo neophane despect powerone automoble.

Zapitannya: yaki msca in avtomobl yea naybilsh zabrudnennya?

Answer: yea naybilsh zabrudnennya msca, s kurimi koristuvach contactwith often. Have salon automoble such details her of don, door handles that sclopit, palocci, regulatory position sign, Eastern BEZPEKA, kilimci, trimac for bottles, auto – the multimedia systems. Town – yea naybilsh zabrudnennya door handles, the boot button vdden the button of the tank.

Zapitannya: yaki zasobi naikrashe iterotica s despecta automoble?

Answer: data for BOAZ, for desinfect powerone naikrashe pthalate suicine cute, spirtov roscini for desinfect s vmta alcohol from 60% of desinfection Rossini s vmta chlorine.

Zapitannya: Chi mozhut spirtovm antiseptics of posaditi surface in avtomobl? That zasobi better use for scranage the cabin, and that for kilimci?

Answer: sprawd, spirtov roscini mozhut of posaditi ABO Sabarmati the surface in salon. Dwellers tsogo not steel, not roselite antiseptic of bezposrednio to the surface – Natali nanesti on m Yogo Yak loom that protti neohd deal. Scrap ozdoblennya after tsogo necessary dodatkovo of dobrobiti zasobami for Zahist SCRI. Gumou of kilimci, pile the loom better cleaned with DOPOMOGA mile Roschino, that not posaditi GNU texture.

Zapitannya: about scho shte it is worth remembering when despect automoble?

Answer: when despect automoble debate I should know about vlasnu GNU. After Yak VI accinelli car that SLI for don, what to proterty antiseptic not only handle derzat and svoï hands. Lachey after tsogo mozhna pasinati obsolete desinfection surface in avtomobl. After desnianka it should be realno protray salon. I remember pam: dacrymyces rejoice schodo svogo despect automoble, VI doomgate sniziti rizik posyannya VRUs. Bereit the their bliskich!

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