Yak shukati volunteers ta tikh, khto need transport for additional BlaBlaCar

Yak shukati volunteers ta tikh, khto need transport for additional BlaBlaCar


In these vinyatkovy environments, we know that there are a lot of people who want to help one by one, they have implanted singing entrances on the platform.

Go without a cost

The BlaBlaCar service is cost-free, so there are no commissions for passenger trips. We have also lowered the minimum prices that water can charge on the platform. For volunteers who want to propagate their trips free of charge, we recommend that you enter “Volunteer” in your profiles, for example, “Andriy Boyko (Volunteer)”.

Help me, you don’t need to go anywhere

If you are ready to help with transport and bring someone in the boundaries of the place or region, make trips and specify the details in the comments. For example, the route Lviv-Lviv, and in detail “Ready to go around the city / region”.

Amount limit taken

So that the correspondents could help one more one or more, we took a limit on the number of months for the publication hour of the trip (earlier – 3 months maximum).

Together with the Polish BlaBlaCar team, we help the Ukrainians to break the cordon

At the other side of the cordon from Poland, thousands of Polish bagmen and koristuvachs BlaBlaCar want to help deliver Ukrainians without a cost to where they need to go. We are in touch with them, so that BlaBlaCar can provide the necessary help in an instant.

If you want to cross the cordon and you need a trip from the other side, we recommend booking a trip only after crossing the cordon. Vrakhovuyuchi furnish that non-delivery hour to the cordon, you will have more guarantees that the trip will come. We ask you to respectfully collect your companions, call them before the trip to discuss the details.

The BlaBlaCar team is ready to help the Ukrainians with their folding furnishing.

Help that you and your loved ones are safe.

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