Yamaha built a hydrogen V8 for Toyota

Yamaha built a hydrogen V8 for Toyota


Yamaha Motor, commissioned by Toyota, has developed a V-shaped “eight” that runs on hydrogen. The project required the replacement of injectors, cylinder head, intake manifold and much more, but the Japanese seem to be satisfied with the result. For a promising engine, a power of 455 horsepower is declared, which is only 22 horsepower less than the output of a gasoline “aspirated” on the Lexus RC F coupe.

Actually, the hydrogen internal combustion engine is based on a five-liter V8 from the Lexus sports coupe. Gasoline “aspirated” develops 477 horsepower and 535 Nm of torque, and its hydrogen version – 455 forces and 540 Nm, which are available at 3600 rpm. The new type of fuel required the replacement of injectors, cylinder head, intake manifold and much more. But the Japanese are especially proud of the fact that they managed to preserve the characteristic “grunt” of the eight-cylinder unit.

According to Takeshi Yamada, an automotive development engineer at the Yamaha Technical Research Center, hydrogen engines have “interesting technical characteristics.” Perhaps they are even more “natural and understandable” than gasoline ICEs, so they cannot be considered as a simple replacement for traditional engines. Do not forget about the almost complete absence of harmful emissions while maintaining the key attributes of a classic internal combustion engine (vibration, sound).

Whether hydrogen internal combustion engines have a future is still unknown. But Toyota returned to the idea of ​​using liquefied gas in piston engines about three years ago and even tested the technology in races, equipping the Corolla Sport hatchback with such an internal combustion engine. Then the company built a prototype GR Yaris H2, and with exactly the same unit. Structurally, this is a “turbo engine” G16E-GTS with a volume of 1.6 liters from a conventional hatch, with the only difference that the tanks and the refueling process are unified here with the Mirai sedan, and the fuel system is capable of “digesting” hydrogen instead of gasoline.

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