Yamaha decided not to produce cars

Yamaha decided not to produce cars


Yamaha has frozen all projects develop their own cars because management of the company did not see them in clear perspective. On it informs edition Autocar.

This decision was made by the President of Yamaha’s Director Yoshihiro Hideki who believes that in the foreseeable future the company will be able to create a truly competitive car. “Many of our fans would like to see a sports car in the line Yamaha, but market conditions leave us no choice,” the source said to Autocar.


Recall that in 2013 the Japanese company unveiled an electric concept car called MOTIV.e, and two years later, Yamaha showed ultra-light sports car Concept Sports Ride. The latest prototype of the company became an experimental compact pickup Cross Hub, with the characteristics of an SUV.

In the development of the car took an active part famous South African engineer Gordon Murray, who is known for his work in Formula 1, as well as through the creation of the legendary McLaren F1.

Could Yamaha build a new cool car?

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