Yamaha electric motors which can be used on motorcycles

Yamaha electric motors which can be used on motorcycles


The transformation of a typical motorcycle with the internal combustion engine in electricl is not an easy task. Yamaha want to make the process more simple and had developed special motors. On the official channel appeared a video showing a cool electric motors. Obviously, they are designed for motorcycles, as this is said the engineer, as well as the examples shown in the video.

Currently available in two sizes. The first 35 kW. It is designed for personal cars and motorcycles. The second 150 kW. Its intended to be used in electric cars and other vehicles size of the car.


In the video talk about the specifics of the process and design, noting the compactness of the resulting engines. Additionally, it discusses the flow of sound and energy. The ultimate goal: to create a motor with excellent characteristics. Yamaha called the new emotional electric motors.

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