Yamaha has introduced a scooter with a removable battery

Yamaha has introduced a scooter with a removable battery

The Japanese company last year teamed up with Taiwanese Gogoro to work on the electric scooter Yamaha EC-05, overseas edition reports Electrek.

The latter studied Japanese, while nearly all the interior work of their colleagues. Therefore, EC-05, probably will have similar characteristics with the electric scooter Gogoro 2 Series. The fact that the final data on it manufacturer has not yet announced.

However, we can assume that the maximum speed be reduced to 85-95 km/h and a cruising range will be about 100 km.

Gogoro is perhaps best known for their interchangeable batteries and charging stations. Gogoro scooters can hold two battery large capacity. They can be charged at home or to replace one from over a thousand stations of exchange of the battery throughout Taiwan. And recently the company have improved in their energy density by switching to a lithium-ion large format 2170.

Delivery is expected to start in August this year. Initially, the electric scooter will be available only in Taiwan, but later become available in other countries.