Yamaha has updated the crossover Tracer 700

Yamaha has updated the crossover Tracer 700


The ambition of the model 2020 is a little spartakovskii – crossover cool looks like on the YZF-R1 and YZF-R6 style front. And let the novelty and “plastic missiles” combines a corporate style and aggressive aesthetics, attention on the road it provided. What will the pilot? First of all, improved wind protection – protection from a bold hand, written in the General outline of front, ending with Mitrovica, which can be raised to 60 mm.


In the comfort of Tracer 700 2020, it seems preferable to its predecessor. The wheel is wider by 34 mm, and the seat is modified, to overcome a thousand miles in one sitting is clearly more comfortable than before. In addition, the bike has a new adjustable plug, and inline two-cylinder engine tucked up under the environmental standard Euro 5. In spite of the metamorphosis, the bike does not put on weight – curb weight 196 kg.

European dealers Tracer 700 will be in February 2020.

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