Yamaha is preparing a new tricycle

Yamaha is preparing a new tricycle


Yamaha is actively developing a line of tricycles and achieved the biggest successes in the category tricycles. According to the rumors, which have a serious basis, the Japanese manufacturer is going to add a new model. Patent drawings of the future bike much intrigue.

Yamaha, apparently, is going to launch a series of concept MW-Vision (pictured above), which was presented at last year’s Tokyo show 2019. New tricycle promises to be even more spectacular than the current offers Yamaha in this segment. According to rumors it is expected the hybrid series. What does that mean? The idea is to use engine internal combustion to power electric drive. This will allow the engine to operate at approximately the same rpm to maintain battery charge level. In addition, the tricycle can only work as electrocycle, but to decrease the reserve. At the moment there is no information on specs or any detailed information about the system.


For the future of the tricycle, Yamaha has developed a new suspension, which is different from the current one, which is used on models Yamaha Tricity. Instead of a massive telescopic fork uses a lever system with shock absorbers. The idea of this design should provide better stability.

Given previous experience, including the development of the line of Yamaha Tricity, Yamaha can voplot this concept into reality.

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