Yamaha patents a carbon frame that tracks your damage

Yamaha patents a carbon frame that tracks your damage


Yamaha patents a sport touring bike with a carbon frame that captures and tracks damage at any time. The information may be useful in order to understand the level of damage to the motorcycle and whether they are critical.

Technology is implemented by a cable embedded inside the carbon fiber. This cable is more sensitive to any kind of attacks. What does it mean? The cable will feel the impact, even if standing in place of the motorcycle falls on its side. Information will immediately be sent to the control unit with damage that will analyze the data.

The control unit notifies the driver of the level of damage to the frame. In addition, the damaged section of the chassis will light up. This function is implemented by the interweaving of the optical cable to the fibre.

Reading all the above written can only lead to one question: why all this? With metal frames no questions: they are either damaged, or not immediately visible dents or bending. Carbon fiber is a little different. May experience small cracks that the eye does not immediately see, that can lead to disastrous consequences, so the availability of sensor and control systems is very appropriate.

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