Yamaha sales grew in 2021

Yamaha sales grew in 2021


For many motorcycle manufacturers, the past year has been positive. Sales have grown a lot compared to 2020, and some even compared to 2019! Yamaha is no exception and has shown solid growth figures, although it has not yet returned to pre-pandemic levels.

In 2020, Yamaha’s motorcycle business is down 25 percent from 2019! In 2021, the Japanese manufacturer sold 4.5 million motorcycles and scooters – an increase of 18 percent compared to 2020! Revenue reached 7.7 billion euros – even more than in 2019! There is a logical explanation for how revenue increased with fewer units sold. The fact is that Yamaha has updated the top models that sold well in Europe and other developed regions.

In 2019, the average revenue per unit was 7,139 euros. In 2021, the figure rose to 8000 euros – this is more than the price of the Yamaha XSR700, that is, Yamaha sold quite a lot of expensive models, which greatly affected the average!

At the same time, Yamaha’s performance in other markets, particularly in Africa and Latin America, has also improved significantly. In these two regions, Yamaha sold 38 percent more units than in 2020. This level of growth hints at the huge market potential in these regions.

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