Yamaha Tricity three-wheeled floor upgrade

Yamaha Tricity three-wheeled floor upgrade


Yamaha is actively developing a line of three-wheeled transport line Tricity. The concept is not new, but only Yamaha was able to translate the idea into a commercial project, which has successfully proved in the market and continues to evolve. Among the Japanese giants, Yamaha only succeed, not to mention the larger models Niken.

Released 2014 Yamaha Tricity has a unique and innovative chassis configuration. The front two wheels, rear one. The underlying technology LMW (Leaning Multi-Wheel). In Asia the most popular model is the Tricity 125 CC motor, and in other regions of the high demand Tricity 300 with a 292 CC engine.

Lineup Yamaha Tricity 2020 complements a new model with a very popular 155 CC motor with Blue Core. This engine is one of the best malacopteron manufacturer. Put it on everything from small sportbike Yamaha R15 to dual-sport Yamaha WR155. The engine is very efficient and easy to maintain. It also has sufficient manufacturer: 15 HP of power and 14 Nm of torque.


New Yamaha Tricity 155 2020 is equipped with ABS, led lights digital instrument panel. He has a rather large trunk under the saddle and seat height of 765 mm. the front panel has a hole for storing gadgets and a USB connector for charging.

Colors: gray, matte gray metallic, white metallic.

Price: around 4600 dollars

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