Yamaha Y’F-R7 2022 shines in CARB documents

Yamaha Y’F-R7 2022 shines in CARB documents


The CARB documents indicate an engine with a working volume of 689 cm3, that is, we are talking about a two-cylinder unit from Yamaha MT-07. The Japanese manufacturer is just about to release a fairing version of the MT-07, which will likely receive the legendary name. In any case, the sporty version of the Yamaha MT-07 will compete with the new, very popular Aprilia RS 660.

Of course, this news will greatly disappoint everyone who, after reading the title of the post, thought about the return of the iconic 750cc four-cylinder in-line. Alas, this will never happen again … On the other hand, the Japanese manufacturer is going to launch a relatively budgetary, sports-oriented bike on the market, which will be available for purchase to a wide range of motorcyclists.

We will try to follow the news on this topic, we are waiting for more specific information, spy photos.

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