Yaris Cross: a revolution in the segment of compacts?

Yaris Cross: a revolution in the segment of compacts?


Japanese company slightly unveiled a machine that should play in a very superheated segment.

The name of the new compact SUV is officially still not announced (if you believe the photographs, it will be called the Yaris Cross), but the company has already shared some technical details. It has become known, for example, that all terrain soplatformennika the “Yaris” will get the same hybrid power plant. It was built on the model of those already using the Toyota C-HR and RAV4, however, the basis of the drive on a more compact gasoline engine.


A 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine running on the Atkinson cycle that is optimized for improved thermal efficiency: the assurances of developers, it reaches 40%, which is considered a very good result. Declared total power plant capacity – 116 HP Promised the new all-wheel drive system, and a few unusual.

In the framework of the AWD systems-i SUV for the most part, restricted to drive to the front axle. The rear wheels are connected “on-demand” – when you need extra acceleration or when driving on unstable surfaces. It is alleged that the electrical component of the system weighs less mechanical analogues and allows to save fuel.

Crossover built on the same platform TNGA-B and five-door Yaris, but was a bit larger. To the length of the older model C-HR it is not have lasted about 20 cm, but the soplatformennika exceeded once in 240 mm, of which 60 have overhang on the front and 180 on rear. Wheelbase new items are identical to those of the “Yaris” and is 2 560 mm ground clearance added 30 mm, height 90 mm and width 20 mm.

Toyota claims that could build almost the best small crossover for the city – compact, spacious and agile. The functionality of the new answer, for example, developed organizer in the trunk and the ability to fold the back of the sofa in the proportions 40:20:40, Toyota consider almost a revolution in the segment.

The Yaris design Cross designed by stylists of the Japanese and European studies from Toyota, but is focused mostly on European customers. The French head of the style centre of the group, lance Scott noted that in this segment of car to buy select first of all eyes, based primarily on the vivid appearance.


However, buyers appreciate the high level of usability. And these two are incompatible, in his opinion, the concept designers have tried to combine in the form of the crossover. And in the process the developers have held numerous consultations with potential clients, trying to determine their real needs and preferences.

To produce the new product Toyota plans at its plant in Valenciennes, the French, and the plans of the company is quite ambitious: up to 150 thousand cars per year only for the European market. However, while not named not only approximate prices, but even the approximate date of the occurrence of crossover in the sale.

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