Yaris Cross: a small “Eurointegrator”

Yaris Cross: a small “Eurointegrator”


Crossover Toyota Yaris Cross – this is the case when a car that is not very remarkable for something special has a good chance of success – precisely due to the high average in all disciplines.

Yaris Cross is economical enough, comfortable enough, roomy enough, compact enough (in the context of the class, of course). Therefore, Yaris Cross is a serious contender for Ford Puma, Peugeot 2008, Opel Mokka and Mazda CX-3. Although in at least one of the listed disciplines, each of these rivals is better than Toyota.

Particularly fierce in this class, the struggle for the heart of the buyer is conducted primarily by the best indicator in the price list. Toyota offers a huge range of prices. But is there among them that very optimal ratio of configuration and cost?

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