Yaris on drying: GRMN Yaris presented in Tokyo

Yaris on drying: GRMN Yaris presented in Tokyo


Toyota arrived at the home showroom with a bunch of projects. Among them are the GR GT3, Bz4X GR Sport and Lexus NX Offroad. But the star of the booth is the GRMN Yaris. The hardcore hatchback will be limited to 500 units. Reservations are already open, but the lucky winners will be determined by lottery. Deliveries will begin in the summer, and prices will start at 7,317,000 yen, which is $64,300 at the current exchange rate.

The GRMN Yaris for racetracks and rallies has the same power as a standard hatchback for Japan – a 1.6-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine generates 272 hp. The development team focused on weight reduction. To do this, the roof, hood and rear spoiler were made of carbon fiber, the front seats were replaced with lightweight buckets, and the rear sofa was dismantled (there is now a roll cage). As a result, the car lost 20 kg.

The novelty has 565 more spot welds than the GR Yaris, and it is also about 125 mm wider and the same amount lower. The transmission has a six-speed manual with shortened gear ratios. A limited slip differential is also present.

50 out of 500 units will receive a special Circuit package that upgrades the suspension with Bilstein adjustable dampers and adds 18-inch wheels, more efficient brakes, side skirts and a spoiler.

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