YEAR OF THE LOTUS EMIRA, GT4 RS or AM Valkyrie? | Chris Harris on Best Cars for 2022

YEAR OF THE LOTUS EMIRA, GT4 RS or AM Valkyrie? | Chris Harris on Best Cars for 2022


From the Aston Martin Valkyrie and the BMW M3 Touring to V6 hybrid supercars and the VW ID. Buzz: magazine’s Jack Rix finds out which cars Chris Harris is most looking forward to driving in 2022 and which leave him feeling a little bit, er, deflated…Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

bit bland do what they are they are joy vacuums they’re like dementors from harry potter they drive along the motorways and they suck joy from other road users chris i must now ask you to peer into your crystal ball and tell me the cars that you’re most looking forward to driving in 2022 um now you could freestyle if you want or no no if you’d rather i could just fire some at you and you can tell me what i’d like you to fire some at me because i can’t think of what’s coming in there’s a lot a lot to hold in one person m3 touring oh yes please what is it about an extra bit of metal that suddenly makes because i’ve i’ve wasted a lot of money buying old tourings and they just when when a car maker makes so few of something it just feels special yeah it’s like you know when a whiskey distillery releases us you know a small number of something even if it doesn’t taste any better than normal and you want to buy it and i think i think the same and it looks great from the back has anyone yet done a kit to sort the front out there must be a tuning company that’s done it well there was that company that did the new front end for the vantage wasn’t there yeah they’re probably working on it right now no aston martin did that themselves in the end didn’t they so i don’t know just the idea of a of a little m car estate i can forgive the sideways in a wagon as well i can forgive the teeth but we can’t get a manual in the uk can we no manuals but yeah great car all right low to samira yeah i just think they’ve been very very clever the price point is bang on they’ve just they’ve executed at a time when everyone’s thinking why do i want to spend 300 000 on the latest hybrid mclaren type thing when this looks just as good yeah and it’s 80 grand smaller more useful yeah but it is you know underneath be under no illusion it’s not a new car no no so but they’re plumbed in a four-cylinder amg engine that’s going to be exciting and it’ll be light yeah but it’s going to drive great because you know mr kershaw and his team are fantastic chassis engineers yeah i’m looking forward to that gold murray t-50 it’s getting there no i might get a go in it we’ll see oh just i mean gordon murray v12 uh gordon and dario can i have a go in the car please yeah amg project one look we’re we’re we’ve been waiting a long time for this but i am assured by mercedes that we drive it next year well we’re sort of a bit i think we’re a bit shoulder shruggy you know that steve coogan when he’s departure goes that meme so when you start talking about the hypercars now i’ve almost lost interest yeah but i’ll i’m sure the moment i sit in it my interest will be reignited that cynicism i’ll admit is just me sitting here so project one i heard i saw a video so dls was out at nurburgring doing it three thousand kilometers around the ring and i think project one was there that day as well yeah you saw dls accelerate out of whatever turn 13. and project one went past and like it just sounded like a fart it sounded like one of those one of those really flatulent ones that you let go from the back seat when you don’t want someone to hear it i just thought for all that money i’m not really sure about this but but i’ve seen i’ve seen it up close it’s a lovely piece of packaging and in the context of the valkyrie well i was supposed to be driving a valkyrie this week and i haven’t driven a valkyrie this week aston martin promised us that we could uh drive it and then told us we couldn’t and it wouldn’t surprise me if i haven’t still haven’t done a vacuum in a year’s time i think it’s becoming a bit of a nightmare project but because it’s adrian newey red bull the spec is to die for i mean it’s a remarkable thing on paper the valkyrie right everyone’s juiced about it and everyone’s got a bit down on the project one but history tells us that the one that’s a bit boring that starts out being the underdog emerges as being the more complete package 918 exactly you’re quite right that’s the car yeah look back now that’s the one so maybe the project one’s going to have its 918 moments i hope it does because i think it looks great but i think there’s a lot of people in afalterback thinking why did we try and put an f1 engine on the road it just doesn’t work all right couple of v6 hybrid supercars so ferrari 296 gtb and the mclaren artura yeah so uh the the 296. yeah why do i look at that and go yes and i still look at the sf90 and go no is it just the price point yeah it’s yeah it’s a bit cheaper but it’s it’s also rear wheel drive only so i think it’ll be simply you just got a load of power against the rear axle the price point sensible the last sf90 we drove at your um car of you know your what was it speed week was half a million pounds half of it yeah it’s a house um i am juiced about driving and i like that that 250 lm hip the line that comes up just a little flicker of retro so i i would i’m i am looking forward to that i’d quite like one of those actually yeah um next thing is the uh is the archer well i’m i’m a huge fan of what mclaren’s achieved but i i worry about them at the moment we should have been driving that thing in may haven’t driven it yeah i mean my worry about the car is it doesn’t look different enough you know you got it’s a big step change for the company but they haven’t shown it you know people go is that is that the new 570. but but they’ve the car clearly isn’t finished which is fine um it’s also called arthur which is not you know no it’s not you know you wouldn’t name your lover arthur would you supercar’s been named after your lover yeah could be called lorenzo and you know they’ve sort of drip launched artura for a year and out of nowhere ferrari went oh he’s 296. yeah we didn’t even know it was there didn’t we and it was finished you know it’s finished bang done ready to go the other thing about the mclaren is i’m i’m sure it’s going to be a great car and i love it i’m pretty sure about that but the rear suspension design has changed quite a lot to package this fancy powertrain and mclarens are about their suspension and i really worry that if you take the wishbones away you lose some purity there so let’s see you know like you look i’ve looked around the packaging of the powertrain is just to die for and and that wider angle engine you know it almost looks like a flat boxer doesn’t it you see it clever stuff yep it’s a big one gt4 rs disappointment is positive well it’s probably going to be p paddles only isn’t it and i that that sort of reduces my interest slightly for well since 2004 when they launched the cayman everyone has wondered what i came with a proper engine it would be like we’re about to have that question answered so it’ll be fascinating i just wish it was manual that’s all well we’ll see what happens and then the last one i’m quite excited about this the vw id buzz do you know what that is yeah so it’s the electric you know camper retro thing but if you’re electric no it’s gonna be good fun i think it’s gonna be lovely when vw plunges into its back catalogue it’s very good at that yeah making us feel good hopefully it’ll evoke thoughts of endless summer and all that yeah that’s what you want isn’t it stick up the boards on the roof even if you can’t surf like me yes stick up the boards on the roof and i hope it’s gonna be more fun than the id3 and id4 yeah which just fit land bit bland do what they are they are joy vacuums they’re like dementors from harry potter they drive along the motorways and they suck joy from other road users i just look at them and think how did you get it so wrong yeah so you got pick one we’ve been through a number there which one sticks out the one that i really want to drive really one you’re most looking forward to driving i’ll tell you why for several reasons i want to go i want to go to hethel and drive their new sports car yeah because that when i started doing this job that was one of the most exciting places to go as a car journalist you you thought about the journey to heather the way you thought about the journey to stuttgart to drive a porsche and then that just stopped over the last 10 years so the idea of having that back really excites me so it’s the lotus

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