Yoshito ishida – new CEO of Mitsubishi Motors in Ukraine


Company “EM EM SI Ukraine”, official importer and distributor of Mitsubishi cars in Ukraine, about the change of the general director. On the change of Keisuke Nishino, who has deceived the company since 2017, the signs of Yoshito Ishida.

Yoshito Іshіda started his career in the Mitsubishi Corporation in 2006, in Vіddіlі of space systems in the Aerokosmіchny department, de nabuv unabable information in the B2B segment. Mitsubishi Corporation joined the automotive industry in 2014. Yoshito Ishida represented the interests of the Corporation on the markets of the Near Descent in Africa, instead of transferring to Europe for the development of business mobility. Last week for sales and marketing of Mitsubishi Motors in the UK.

“Crazy, in the UK and in the Ukrainian car market, in general, in the scale, in the segments, in the segment Mіzh team, I am talking about foreign tendencies, such as developing the market for post-production. First and foremost, Mitsubishi Motors can enjoy the SUV segment in any country.

These words are confirmed by the team, that the company “EM EM CІ Ukraine”, which will increase the ownership of Mitsubishi Corporation and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, at the time of entering the market in 2016, increased a part of sales in the back of Mitsubishi Motors’ cars to 4.7% of the automobile market in Ukraine. , due to the data of Auto Consulting, it entered the top 5 best selling brands in Veresnaya, and Mitsubishi L200 will take its first position in the Pick-Up segment.

“The potential of the Ukrainian author to reach the great. We can do everything possible to convey to potential customers about the transfer of Mitsubishi Motors products, and vibuuvati cars from them, who also drive our cars, “- added Mitsubishi Motors General Director in Ukraine Yoshito Іshіda.

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