“You… a wheel unstuck”: the incident with the new Model 3

“You… a wheel unstuck”: the incident with the new Model 3


Funny and at the same time a dangerous incident happened in the British Blackpool. The Englishman purchased a Tesla Model 3 just about a month ago, so, in fact, is a completely new car. Nevertheless, when the owner of the electric car turned at the driveway to his house, the wheel of electric cars have decided to go to independent swimming.

On that day, the owner of Model 3 managed to ride about 20 miles (30 kilometers) and believes that he was lucky. Who knows what the result would be a failure during movement, for example, on the highway. In General, over time the ownership of electric vehicles, he managed to run over about 550 km.


According to him, the purchase of the car brand Tesla was the dream to which an involuntary participant of the incident was about eight years old. However, the company has already taken steps to remedy the situation: the electric car owner was taken almost immediately, as it became known about the incident, and was returned repaired on the following day. It turned out that the wheel was just not properly secured.

The firm confirmed that the problems with mounting the rudder to the wheel hub have a factory origin, and announced the beginning of the investigation of the incident. In turn, the investigation was initiated and the UK authorities.

Our colleagues from the publication InsideEVs has studied the situation a little deeper and came to the conclusion that problems with the steering wheel – not a rare phenomenon. For example, in 2018, the firm Ford initiated for a similar reason, the recall of 1.4 million cars, and Hyundai at the time, withdrew 44 thousand crossovers Santa Fe. However, in both of these cases are design errors, not the flaws of the Assembly.

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