You can still make it! When will the Mondeo sedan leave us?

You can still make it! When will the Mondeo sedan leave us?


This was reported by the press service of the brand.

Ford will cease production of the Ford Mondeo sedan in March 2022. A model that has been on the market for 29 years will go away, leaving no successor behind. This decision was made on the basis of declining sales of sedans and the growing popularity of SUVs in Europe.

According to the data published by the brand, in 2001, Mondeo sales reached their maximum and amounted to more than 86,500 vehicles per year. In 2020, this figure dropped to 2,400 units. But sales of crossovers and SUVs last year accounted for 39% of the total number of cars sold, which is 8% more than a year earlier.

Currently, only two non-crossover Ford models are sold in Europe – the Fiesta and the Focus. Not so long ago, they received an update in the form of hybrid power plants, but what will happen to them after their life cycle expires is unclear.

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