You definitely haven’t seen such a Buick.

You definitely haven’t seen such a Buick.


There are people who are willing to spend their money to buy a piece of automotive art house art. It is under this category of vehicles that the Buick Wagonmaster of 1981, equipped with a powerful V8 engine, falls. It will be sold at Concept United Nue une RES.

This is a 1981 Tommy Ivo four-engine Buick Wagonmaster and yes, it has not one, but four V8 engines.

For the uninitiated, Tommy Ivo or TV Tommy is a figure in the hot rod community. In the late 1950s, he raced the first gasoline-powered dragster to break the nine-second barrier, a Buick nailhead-powered dragster, which accelerated from 0 to 100 km / h in 8.69 seconds.

The actor and drag racer later created the slingshot four-wheel drive dragster for show boats. However, he never made it to the race as the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) ruled him out as a show dragster. In 1981, this car was transformed into a Master Wagon, which is put up for auction.

In case you’re wondering, each of the four nailhead V8 engines drives a separate wheel, making this dragster all-wheel drive. According to the lot description, the last Wagonmaster race took place in the 1982 World Championship Finals at the Orange County Raceway. It was also featured in the September 2012 issue of Hot Rod Deluxe Magazine.

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