You never stop! New car air compressor VІTOL

You never stop! New car air compressor VІTOL


One of the main news 2020 for motorists is to market a new line of compressors from brand VІTOL. High-performance, compact and reliable compressors piston type is the best choice for those who are not accustomed to stop.

Portable compressors VІTOL is the best solution to control and maintain tire pressure. Due to its size, the kompresora not take up much space in the car, and turns out the way at the right time.

Compressors of the line 2020 made by new technology and meet the European quality standards. Engine piston type provides smooth operation, the speed and capacity of compressors. It should be noted that the winding of this engine is 100% made of copper, which makes it reliable and durable. This approach can significantly prolong the operation time of the compressor.

The lineup includes eight kinds of automobile compressors. Models differ in the level of productivity and the value of the maximum current. In some models, different lengths of hoses. Also includes models with built-in LED light for convenient work in the dark.

The advantages of the new compressor VІTOL:

  • Easy-to-read pressure gauge with two systems of measurement: kPa and Lb/in2. Accurate measuring device will help You achieve your optimal tire pressure.
  • The casing protected from corrosion with two coats of enamel. Due to the quality coating the compressor for a long time in a good marketable condition.
  • Radiator made of aviation aluminium will quickly take the heat and prevent overheating of the mechanism.
  • Series bearing 608Z piston group allows two times to increase the service life.
  • Autonomy. The compressors are produced with reinforced crocodiles for connection to the vehicle battery terminals and with the updated plugs cigarette lighter fuse. It is worth noting that the plug mounted LED indicator that lights up when working. The power cord with crocodile clips also integrated fuse automotive type. To replace or check the integrity of the fuse is not difficult, as it is located in a special plastic pocket with flap.
  • Ergonomics. On the compressor housing mounted handle for easy transport, and rubberized feet will allow for a better locking device on the surface.
  • High performance. The lineup includes compressors with capacity between 37 and 90 l/min.
  • Rubber-coated brass connector. Metal o-ring is additionally protected from corrosion by PVC film.
  • The sticker with the individual serial number of the product for a full cycle of quality control and assurance.
  • Fully complies with European quality standards.

Automotive compressors by brand VІTOL, regardless of the situation and weather conditions, to control and maintain the pressure in the tires is not difficult. These compressors are easy to use and do not require special skills. In the line you will be able to pick the perfect air compressor for inflating as wheels with a diameter of R13, and R18 in diameter.

The site presents the new brand compressors VITOL 2020 at the best price. At the same time on all compressors carries a full guarantee for a period of two years, as well as post-warranty service.


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