You Only Live Twice Toyota Bond Car  : 50 Years of Bond Cars

You Only Live Twice Toyota Bond Car : 50 Years of Bond Cars


Richard Hammond tells the story of how Toyota turned around a new car for You Only Live Twice.Taken from : 50 Years of Bond CarsSubscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

now there’s something else you need to know about this car something that’s not immediately obvious with me in it it is quite small however Sean Connery isn’t now the original 2000 GT has delivered to England to be kitted out with all his gadgets and stuff was a hardtop just like this one and when the bond producers took delivery they found with filming just about to start that Sean Connery simply wouldn’t fit in it the solution obviously was a convertible but this was a brand new car no convertible version existed however we are talking about Toyota here so when the bond people got on the phone Toyota simply said yeah come back in two weeks and sure enough a fortnight later the whole thing had been redesigned and rebuilt as a soft-top without question then the Bond films of the 60s had seen double-oh-seven in some truly iconic cars but as the 70s came around the films entered a new car era the era of smash bang and wallop you

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