Young ancient business

Young ancient business

One of the oldest businesses is the collection and selling of information, but the automotive information market is quite young and originated in the late 70-XX years. The emergence of personal computers, the development of the Internet, the increase in the global fleet gave a powerful impetus to this sector. Along with workshops, vendors, and aftermarket manufacturers of new active consumers of various automotive information began leasing and insurance companies. Market autoinformation since 2005 has increased several times. The leading player turnover of the company Solera Holding is more than 1.2 billion dollars. The business is built on the principle of license purchase car manufacturers information (OEM data), its aggregation and resale in databases (see scheme).


There are 3 groups of products traded:

  1. Products RMI (repair and maintenance information) same as SMR (service maintenance and repair). Information about the service and technical support. Most often in the form of RMI (SMR) platforms.
  2. Products the VRM (vehicle registration mark). Information on the basis of the car’s registration in state agencies.
  3. Data products Tire (Tyre in British variant). Information about tires.

Market characteristics of autoinformation are:

  • high entry threshold for new players because of licensing;
  • high commitment to customers (the low replacement rate of the supplier);
  • high activity of mergers and acquisitions (a company directly linked to the manufacturers and sellers of auto parts, for example, ALLDATA and Hella Gutmann).

In fact, the market determine the 5 largest companies with different degree of penetration in various continents and territories:

1) Solera Holding founded in Texas in 2005. Turnover of more than 1.2 billion dollars. The holding includes companies ABZ, APU, Audatex, Colimbra, AUTOonline, AudaExplore, CAP, DST, Digidentity, Data Explore, Hollander, HPI, Identifix, Informex, Inpart, LYNX Services, Market Scan, sachcontrol, Autodata, and Sidexa. In 2017 swallowed Autodata via CarweB.

Pursuing an aggressive policy of expansion in 12 years bought up most of the competitors. Specializiruetsya selling information on car damage, insurance and leasing a car, online exchanges of used cars. In Bulgaria, Ukraine and presented companies, Audatex, AUTOonline. Platform is estimated as the cost of repairs, and car damage, with the possibility of a sale.

2) ALLDATA was founded in 1986. The company serves 300 thousand technicians, 80 thousand garages. In 1996 entered the AutoZone, the world’s largest seller of auto parts. The main is the U.S. market.

3) Hella Gutmann. Included in the group Hella, founded in 1899, one of the largest manufacturers of automotive spare parts and spare parts (turnover of 6.5 billion euros). Hella Gutmann specializiruetsya on the diagnostics systems and databases for the diagnosis.

4) HaynesPro. Founded in 1995. Focused on the European market, serving 50 thousand workshops in Europe. In 2016 the company was bought OATS that specializiruetsya databases in the autos and autodidactas.

2 popular product of the company HaynesPro: E3 Technical and WorkshopData.

5) TecAlliance. Founded in 1991 as a Headline Automotive Data & Software Technology in Germany. In 2013, three of the company’s information System TecDoc, TecCom and AuDaCon formed TecAlliance.


Currently, the market autoinformation very dynamic, the products are personalized from 9 euros for a one-time request and exceed hundreds of thousands of euros over the database for production parts. Platforms are becoming increasingly easy to use. Young business of autoinformation grows quickly and adapts to new dynamics in the world.

Author: Boris Evdokimov

Based on the analytical reports of the company “Financial & Business Intelligence” for 2018

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