Young company Soventem announced eCryptoCar

Young company Soventem announced eCryptoCar


London-based Soventem Limited, founded in 2019 by businessman Robert Parson and his wife Rebecca, presented its eCryptoCar electric car in renderings. The model will be developed at the MIRA technology park with the assistance of the Israeli firm REE Automotive and the American company ClearMotion, a chassis specialist. If all goes according to plan, eCryptoCar will roll out onto UK roads in March 2024.

Impressed by the forthcoming ban on internal combustion engines, the British have conceived a two- and four-seater version of Ikryptokar with lifting doors. It is based on a monocoque made of composite using 3D printing technology. Inside there is a “cryptocurrency mining rig” hidden, and Lucy’s assistant recognizes faces.

The development is led by Indian Randip Bogal, who previously worked in the Jaguar Land Rover group and Tata Motors, which is why he has 12 years of experience in the auto industry. He is assisted by British race car driver Matt Neil, three-time BTCC champion.

Displays at the top of the front panel broadcast images from cameras that have replaced side mirrors. Inside the rim of the multifunction steering wheel there are buttons and screens with prompts. The main touchscreen is stretched out on the center console. An unnamed level autopilot is planned.

The publication Autocar reports: investment in Soventem comes exclusively from the Parson family, high hopes are pinned on crowdfunding. “We decided to become not a mass manufacturer, but a niche manufacturer with a maximum capacity of 3,000 cars per year,” says Robert. By 2029, Soventem hopes to create a “revolutionary” Tri-Power system that extracts hydrogen from polluted air and converts it into electricity through fuel cells. Like, it will not require charging from the network and / or visiting a gas station.

Viable project?

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