Your personal Barricad: sold by Saleen from the movie “transformers”

Your personal Barricad: sold by Saleen from the movie “transformers”


Mecum auction house put up for June auction The Eddie Vannoy Collection 2020 a unique car – ultimately the newest Saleen S281E which is identical to the character Barricade from the “transformers” film. Sports car starred in the movie, but participated in PR events organized in support of the release of the first part of the franchise. Its mileage is just over 7500 miles.

Externally Saleen S281E Decepticon repeats of “Barricade” – in the film he transformirovalsya in the patrol car. The ultimately the newest painted in black-and-white livery with stickers 911 and To Punish and Enslave (eng. to punish and enslave); equipped with flashing lamps, and bumper-pusher. Saleen only built two such machines, and this instance was involved in the press events on the East coast of the United States.


Under the hood of the sports car includes a V8 4.6 engine with drive supercharger the Twin-Screw, air filter low resistance, the control unit Saleen Powerflash and the exhaust system of stainless steel with a derived center rear bumper nozzles. The capacity of the unit – 558 horsepower and 712 Nm of torque. Traction at the rear wheels is transmitted via a six-speed “mechanics” Tremec and a limited slip differential Saleen MaxGrip. S281E for the claimed acceleration to “hundreds” in less than 4.5 seconds and a top speed of about 250 kilometers per hour.

Now in the line of American Saleen has 800-horsepower S302, built on the current Ford Mustang “charged” pickup Sportruck and Sportruck XR and redrawn Tesla Model S (Saleen GTX) and supercar Saleen 1. Latest here-here will rise on the conveyor of the new plant Jiangsu Secco in China. The coupe is equipped with “turboservice” 2.2 issuing 456 forces and 542 Nm of torque capable of reaching 290 kilometers per hour and accelerate from zero to “hundred” for 3.5 seconds.

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