Youth Chery changed her image and got a short wheelbase version

Youth Chery changed her image and got a short wheelbase version


There were photos of the restyled crossover Jetour X70. “Chinese” is radically changed in appearance, and yet the standard model has expanded the engine range. On the home market this SUV will probably be released before the end of this year.

Brand Jetour was submitted by Chery company two years ago, it focuses mainly on the youth audience. The first was the SUV X70, it started in the summer of 2018. In the same year he was joined by “sportively” option X70S with redraw facilities, and in 2019, the family joined the budget version with the letter M in the title. The model tops the ranking of sales of the brand (the lineup still includes the older crossovers X90 and X95), moreover, at the end of last year, “the seventies” was more popular than the related Chery Tiggo 8. For instance, China implemented 128 129 X70 cars, while the “eight” parent Cheri found 116 494 owners.


In 2020 because of the coronavirus COVID-19 demand, of course, declined, but in the case of the X70, it happened very rapidly, even after the extension of the scale – in April, the market finally released the X70 Coupe (this version is different from the other design, but the body she has a standard). Total from January to June 30 756 sold the family car, which is 41% less compared to the same period of 2019. For comparison, the Chery Tiggo 8 for the six months of 2020 has sold 41 532 copies – it is only 6% lower than a year earlier. To attract buyers to the SUV Jetour called a facelift, and this is the second model for the modernization for her short career: the first “just” X70 survived in 2019 But now on the cross did much more serious.

Pictures of the “seventies” introduced in the database of the Ministry of industry of the PRC. Local media believe that this is “just” X70. Meanwhile, one of the photo on the boot door next to the index of the model still has some inscription, but illegible. Anyway, the crossover has dramatically changed.

So, the grille became more massive, it is now octagonal, the headlights were already done, also replaced the bonnet. The bumpers are also new, at the front in vertical ducts like hid DRL, and rear sticking out a forked exhaust pipes. The lanterns are now joined together, and there are two options for registration: either they are connected by black glossy die (the lights in this case, “transparent”) or die and red stripe. Rear license plate moved to the rear door.

The certification body usually does not publish photos of the interior of new or redesigned models, but not this time. However, the poor quality, only seen that inside other Central air vents. It is expected that, as before, the cross will be available in five-, six – or seven-seater version.

According to documents of the Ministry of industry, Jetour X70 have two options of length and wheelbase: 4749/2745 and 4724/2720 mm. profile Chinese media believe that the second version is the SUV with room to carry five. From the pre-reform cross-country (be it “just” X70, X70S, X70 X70M or Coupe) there is no such distinction: every modification can be as a five, and three-row, the length varies (from 4720 to 4755 mm), but the distance between the axes common to all – the same 2745 mm.


The “just” X70 now two motors: to continue the “turboservice” SQRE4T15C 1.5 with a power of 156 HP joined the 197-horsepower 1.6 turbotweak SQRF4J16 familiar from other models of Chery (this is older Jetour crossovers, and SUV’s premium brand Exeed, and cars of the brand Chery). Before that 1.6 T was only X70 Coupe. Box certification body specifies. From the pre-reform “seventies” the 1.5 T engine is equipped with the same 6МКП or six-speed robotized transmission with two clutches, the X70 Coupe 1.6 T engine matched with a 7DCT. Drive all versions of X70 Jetour the front.

In China, the restyled “the seventies”, most likely, will present this year. It is not excluded that the pre-reform cross will remain in service, and for the model with a new design will come up with some more console – for the local market is common. In other countries cars Jetour do not sell.

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