You’ve never seen a Land Cruiser like this before.

You’ve never seen a Land Cruiser like this before.


The South African company SVI Engineering made an eight-seater armored car from the Toyota Land Cruiser 79. Both in terms of technology and the level of ballistic protection, the novelty repeats the Max3 pickup, which debuted six months ago, but only the “senior” 4.5-liter V8 turbodiesel is installed on the passenger version.

The armored car Land Cruiser 79 in the interpretation of SVI Engineering does not resemble the donor in any way: the body is designed from scratch in accordance with all the canons of creating bulletproof vehicles; loopholes and a sunroof appeared, which serves as an emergency exit. There are only three doors, but there are no partitions in the carriage-type cabin.

The armored car can comply with the BR6 or BR7 standard. The basic version is able to survive the shelling of a Kalashnikov assault rifle with 7.62 caliber cartridges, and the improved version will help protect against detonation of hand grenades and small mines. The target audience of the model is not at all military: SVI Engineering believes that the armored car will be in demand from the police, security firms and convoy services.

Although the basis of the SVI Engineering armored car is the Toyota Land Cruiser 79 frame, the SUV is very different from the original. The chassis has been reinforced and an anti-roll bar has been added to the rear.

The engine, transmission and all-wheel drive system are standard: under the hood a 205-horsepower (430 Nm) V8 4.5 turbodiesel, which works in conjunction with the “mechanics”. It is curious that a four-seater pickup can be ordered with less powerful units – a 172-horsepower 4.2-liter diesel engine or a petrol 231-horsepower 4.0 engine.

The price of converting an ordinary Land Cruiser 79 into an armored car depends on the purpose of the special vehicle and the condition of the donor. However, the transformation into an eight-seater SUV will cost at least $ 128,000, while a four-seater pickup with the same degree of protection can be made for $ 103,000.

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