Z-Triton is a bicycle, a motorhome, and a boat

Z-Triton is a bicycle, a motorhome, and a boat


Latvian startup Zeltini has unveiled its Z-Triton development, but it’s hard to say which vehicle segment it belongs to. This is a bicycle, and a boat, and a motor home. A kind of “three in one”.

The unique model allows two travelers to explore the world on land and on water, without depriving them of comfortable living conditions. In bike mode, you can pedal or use two 250-watt electric motors.

Transformation into a boat does not take much time. All you have to do is raise the wheels, inflate a couple of accessories and lower the outboard motor. Zeltini says the entire procedure takes less than five minutes. There is no need to worry about running out of electricity – in extreme cases, there are paddles.

As for “camper mode”, it works on both land and water. The developer says that the living module is spacious enough for two adults to spend the night in it. A solar panel is fixed at the top, which accumulates electricity for some equipment. But the strangest feature is the pot on the roof so travelers can take their favorite plant with them.

Zeltini already sells the Z-Triton in Europe, but plans to ship worldwide. The starting price is 14,500 euros.

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