“Zaporozhets” which is faster than “Tesla”

“Zaporozhets” which is faster than “Tesla”


The author of the video below is a well-known Ukrainian master who is engaged in the refinement of electric cars. And in order to once again prove his high competence in this area, he decided on an unusual project.

During the conversion that the craftsman started a year ago, ZAZ-965 lost its internal combustion engine. It is not known which engine was originally installed, but at one time “Zaporozhets” was offered with one of two units for 27 and 30 hp. Its place on the rear axle was taken by an electric engine from the Nissan Leaf. With it, the Ukrainian model has become much faster – acceleration from zero to hundred now lasts only 4.4 seconds.

The rival in acceleration to 100 km / h was the Tesla Model S of 2013 with one engine and a battery with a capacity of 85 kW * h. Obviously, this is not the fastest American electric car, according to the passport, it gains a hundred in 5.6 seconds.

In both races, the Zaporozhets accelerated much faster to 100 km / h, and then the author threw off the gas because the Ukrainian electric car was not yet ready for further accelerations. However, these competitions still look very impressive!

Currently the most powerful Tesla is the Model S Plaid. Its deliveries began this summer, and at its peak it produces 1,034 hp. and 967 Nm. Acceleration lasts a paltry 2.1 seconds, and the sedan travels a drag distance of a quarter mile in 9.23 seconds.

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