ZAZ hopes to release the new Frets after quarantine

ZAZ hopes to release the new Frets after quarantine


Renault in 2019 has been actively interested in the possibility of production of cars in Zaporozhye. In the Ukrainian press last fall, reports surfaced that allegedly, the French automaker wants to produce at the capacity ZAZ crossovers Renault Arkana.

As a result, it turned out that in the end of 2019, the company Renault has begun to examine Zaza. In Zaporozhye test even organized the production of passenger cars. However, not Renault, and Lada. But there is nothing strange, after all, the French automaker owns shares of “AVTOVAZ”.


How much needed to continue validation of the automobile plant in Zaporizhia is not known. But after the introduction in Ukraine of quarantine Assembly of Lada ZAZ stopped (due to the lack of sets).

Negotiations with Renault to continue after the lifting of the quarantine. ZAZ hopes that they will end successfully.

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