ZAZ may cease to be bankrupt

ZAZ may cease to be bankrupt

The economic court of Zaporozhye region by decision of 17.07.2019 (case No. 908 / 2500/18), approved a settlement agreement of CJSC “Zaporozhye automobile building plant” (ZAZ) with creditors and has closed the proceedings on bankruptcy ZAZ. It seemed that the plant was already one step away from “new life.” However, that was not accepted by Ukreximbank and filed an appeal in the Central appeals of the economic court. The session is scheduled for 30.09.2019 G.

We will remind, manufacture on the case No. 908 / 2500/18 bankruptcy PJSC “Zaporozhye automobile building plant” was opened by the decision of the Economic court of Zaporozhye region from 04.12.2018.


The process of rehabilitation for a period of 6 months was imposed by the court 11.04.2019. The of the debtor reorganization plan approved by the creditors ‘ Committee 28.03.2019.

01.07.2019 court at the request of the Manager of the reorganization of CJSC “Zaporozhye automobile building plant” has made changes in the register of creditors of the debtor in part the secured claims of Ukreximbank in the amount of 770 UAH 150 000 by their reduction in the amount of 139 700 000 UAH – 630 UAH 500,000 (as such, which are not secured by a pledge of the debtor’s property) and changed the order of their satisfaction, applying these requirements of secured claims in fourth place.

Such decision was accepted by the court, given the fact that 20.06.2019 of the state Bank were transferred to the funds received from the sale of the debtor’s property was secured under a mortgage agreement and the pledge agreements.

According to court records, the corresponding auction took place 19.06.2019, the participant, and the winner (with the offer of 168 million UAH, including VAT) was “ZAZ industries.”

21.01.2019 economic Court of Zaporozhye region in the framework of bankruptcy proceedings of CJSC “Zaporozhye automobile building plant” approved the register of creditors and the admitted creditors in bankruptcy including the following structure:

  • OOO “Financial company “Universum” Finans – 2470000000 UAH (4 turn)
  • JSC “Ukrainian automobile Corporation” – 369 400 000 UAH (4 turn)
  • LLC “Falcon-Auto” – 36800000 UAH (4 turn)
  • JSC “Avtokapital” – 21800000 UAH (4 turn)
  • OOO “Financial company” amber” – 3160000 UAH (4 turn pleasure)
  • “Charity Fund Vitaly Homutynnik Vozrozhdenie – UAH 1200000 (4 turn).


According to the court ruling, including a claim secured by the debtor’s property, were the requirements of Ukreximbank (770, 1 million UAH), OTP Bank (356,8 million UAH), a Cypriot company “Miroseno LTD” (659,9 million UAH).

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