ZAZ will produce Mercedes!

ZAZ will produce Mercedes!


The Zaporizhzhya Automobile Building Plant, which produced 280,000 vehicles in 2008, currently uses only 20% of its production capacity.

ZAZ, according to official data, employs about 1000 people, for 8 months of this year the enterprise produced just over 2000 cars and more than 60 buses. In the near future, the plant intends to produce a bus under the Mercedes brand.

“School buses – this year it is planned to produce about 75 of the total number (160). Everything will depend on how the tenders are held. Now the tenders have been won in the Zaporozhye region and the Cherkasy region,” said Nikolay, head of the ZAZ board Evdokimenko.

According to him, the first quarter of the plant worked for export – ZAZ won a tender for the supply of 25 low-floor city buses to the Polish city of Elbong. The cost of one bus is about 75,000 euros.

As for the project for the production of a bus under the Mercedes nameplate, this is a ZAZ project. The bus in question is called A09 and is 9 meters long.

“This bus is certified for the Ukrainian market and undergoes road tests, approximately 50 thousand kilometers. During this time we must complete the preparation of production, pass the audit” Mercedes “- this is a special procedure. We must confirm to the manufacturer that we meet its requirements and then the Mercedes brand will appear instead of the ZAZ brand and the bus will automatically enter the sales network – this is Europe, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, “Evdokimenko said.

By the end of the year, the plant plans to produce 6,000 – 6,500 cars and 160 buses. In addition, the company produces truck-based mobile offices that can be used as a mobile post office, administrative service center or medical aid point, as well as spare parts.

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