ZAZ will start producing Belarusian trucks

ZAZ will start producing Belarusian trucks

In the near future at the Zaporozhye automobile plant will start assembling MAZ trucks. Was not quite clear the reason for the reorientation of the manufacturer of cars “ZAZ” on the trucks.

As the head reported a press-service “UkrAVTO” Dmitry Sklyarenko:

Unfortunately, the current Ukrainian reality, against the background of serious reduction of the market of the new vehicles the state actually opened the door for the European “second hand”.

Under the circumstances, Ukraine’s only automotive company with a complete production cycle was forced to stop production of passenger cars and mothball the production line. However, in order to support the automobile industry and to retain its status, ZAZ seeks to replace the lost volumes due to the development of the production of other types of vehicles. This primarily relates to the existing bus production and possible release of trucks.

One of such measures to expand both production and the volume of proposals for the market, began negotiations with the JSC “Minsk automobile plant” on the possibilities of cooperation in the joint production of freight cars in Ukraine. In the first phase of the project, in case the corresponding decision is planned to organize Assembly of the truck chassis MAZ from imported kits.

It should be noted the possibility of localization of production – the Belarusian side does not object to use when assembling the pieces of components of Ukrainian production. For the Ukrainian partners ZAZ this means the additional distribution channels of its products and, as a consequence, the development of its domestic production in related with the automotive industry sectors. – concluded the press-service of UkrAVTO.

As you can see, information about the upcoming Assembly of MAZ at the facilities of Zaporizhia automobile plant – is confirmed. ZAZ will be the 2nd account of the Ukrainian factory, which will lead the Assembly of MAZ trucks. I want to remind that the production of army trucks MAZ-is Bogdan plant in Cherkassy DP ASZ No. 2 “Bogdan motors”. ZAZ also planned the production of trucks of other models focused on agriculture.

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