ZEленые numbers for “green” cars

ZEленые numbers for “green” cars


Earlier in the license plate of a car used letters, and in Latin and in the Ukrainian alphabet, for electric vehicles made an exception. These numbers are different not only in color, but the only letters of the Latin alphabet.

“Now that is the way my act of green for electric vehicles, which was adopted on the last day of the Verkhovna Rada of the previous convocation”, – wrote on his page one of the sponsors of the law Alexey Ryabchin.

“Photo – new license plates and batches according to DSTU 4278:2019. A separate series for electric buses, which have a special series of combinations of letters. Really looking forward to see green numbers for electric cars is not in the pictures with GOST and on the streets of our country. I hope that this will happen very soon, after the liberalization, or the end of the quarantine, – says Alexey Ryabchin.

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