Zenvo TSR-S: this 1,177bhp supercar’s wing does silly things

Zenvo TSR-S: this 1,177bhp supercar’s wing does silly things


It’s the car with the bonkers wing – the Zenvo TSR-S. It does something we’ve never seen before. Oh, we’ve heard of active aero and we’ve seen flaps moving and airbrakes deploying, but we’ve never seen anything quite like this before. So here’s Magazine’s Ollie Kew with a little explainer while trying to get it to waggle away on a very wet day at the Test Track. Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

um you’ve got a long memory you might remember that the last time one of these a zenvo came to the top gear test track it didn’t end all that well did it but come on that was seven years ago sure zemvo since then has grown up matured like all of us become a little bit more sensible what am i saying look at this thing of course they haven’t welcome to the tsrs i suppose i should give you some numbers as well 1100 brake horsepower from a 5.8 liter twin supercharged v8 the reason they’ve gone twin supercharged as the ts in the name when this sembo used to be turbocharged and supercharged the test driver said it was quote undrivable so much more sensible now it’s also come down from a 6.9 liter v8 to just a 5.8 see even denmark can’t get away from downsizing and that means that this steel framed car with gorgeous carbon fiber panels has some absolutely terrifying performance they tell me it’s got traction control but it certainly doesn’t feel like it’s day not in the wet not on these tyres but this car isn’t really about its twin supercharged 1178 brake horsepower v8 it’s dog clutch gearbox masses of carbon fiber seats that seem to have been made out of the kind of material you find in your swimming shorts that’s not about any of that this car is about that wing yes the zenvo tsrs is the hyper car with the wonky wing that’s really all it’s for they call it the centripedal wing now i thought a centripede was a really really long bug that lived in the jungle and had loads of legs but it turns out it’s a very clever piece of aerodynamics or just a really really good way to show off depending on your point of view what we’ve got is a carbon fiber spoiler balanced out the back of the car but it’s hinged front to rear so you can use it as an air brake it stands up when i jump on the pedal okay we’ve seen that before on mclaren’s and stuff but what this can also do is hinge side to side like it’s falling off now this is all run by the same hydraulic fluid that’s also powering the car’s whipcrack fast gearbox and what it means is that when you corner really hard and the g sensors reckon you’ve got enough force going through the car it tilts the wing and what the tilt of the wing is supposed to do is balance out body roll counteract g-force and just keep the inside tires of the car more forced into the road it sounds like reasonable physics to me but i’m not a physicist i’m not an aerodynamicist if you are agnewi and you’re watching in the comments please let us know is this absolute nonsense or would you love to put it on a formula one car zenvo reckons that wing when it’s just sat still and there is a mode for that if you are feeling shy and retiring and you just want to have a sensible commute that wing’s supposed to generate 240 kilos of downforce and then when it’s at max tilt apparently it only loses three percent of its efficiency so you’re still getting the lion’s share hundreds and hundreds of kilos of downforce slamming those massive back tires into the road problem is those tyres today on this tsrs are basically cut slicks and because we’re in the uk on a lovely summer’s day it’s soaking wet out there and trying to get the g-force you need into the car to make the wing do its thing well it’s pretty tough going take it from me but we’ll do our best let’s see if the zenvo’s wing is more than just a party piece zembo reckons it’ll do naught to 62 in 2.8 seconds naught to 124 miles an hour in 6.8 seconds a few tenths behind yashiron sorry zembo owners and the top speed is limited to 203 miles an hour because you wouldn’t want to hurt your expensive wing that’s hanging off the back tell you what as well anyone who says paddle shift gearboxes can’t be exciting and you’d rather have a manual you’ve got to have a go in one of these it’s like an explosion going off every time you change gear feels like you might be being chased by some sort of artillery fire from i don’t know an invading alien race it’s absolutely cracking that’s what the zenvo’s all about isn’t it there’s no reason that those enormous tailpipes have to shoot gallons of fuel every time you hit the downshift there’s no reason it should be spitting fire on the upshifts either but it can and if you think supercars have got a bit serious of late then this is what supercars used to all be about whoa

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