ZF showed front Elektrotechnik

ZF showed front Elektrotechnik


Usually in cars the Parking brake lever is connected a flexible metal cable with a rear brake mechanisms in which the device is to activate a regular or additional pads. Still the Parking brake mechanism could not be put on the front wheel, but I think from the German company ZF managed to solve the problem.

Invented an industry-first electric Parking brake (EPB) for the front axle. New brake system to increase comfort when driving in urban conditions or in traffic jams when the function “stop & go”. In addition, the higher the load on the front axle provides better security when Parking the car on slippery slopes, according to the portal auto-medienportal.net.

New Parking brake requires only minor modifications to the front brake calipers. At the same time all the necessary electronic components and software can be integrated into the existing electronic unit of the stabilization system of the car. That’s just with the police u-turns will have to quit, because they need it to slow down the rear wheels!


Serial production of the electric Parking brake for the front axle are to be established in Korea and China.

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