Zoe on shipping: Renault turned electrojets in the van

Zoe on shipping: Renault turned electrojets in the van


The French manufacturer is expanding its range of electric Zoe with Zoe Van, commercial van, specifically designed for delivery in urban areas.

The British division of Renault adds to the range of the Zoe Van. As the name implies, it is a commercial version of the electric hatchback. Logically Zoe Van without rear seats. The total amount of loading of the compact van – 1 cubic meters, the depth of the Luggage compartment is 1.21 m and a maximum width – 1,11 meters. Limit load weight is 387 kg.

Cargo floor covered with a rubber Mat and has four mounting points for Luggage. Rear door, of course, to open easy. A special restrictor in the form of a metal mesh to prevent the ingress of parcels in the driver space.

On a technical level, Zoe Van is a common and Zoe, which means, among other things, that as a normal passenger version, its base is a battery 52 kW/h. the Motor is a well-known unit R110, which provides 108 HP Stock electric speed is 395 km.

In the UK, where they were presented with a car, commercial version of the compact hatchbacks are more common than in the rest of Europe. In some parts of the world users are able to evaluate models such as sport wagon based on the Ford Fiesta, or the recently introduced small commercial hatchback Kia Picanto Runner.

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